Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swinging and Dreaming

Today was a beautiful winter day where it was nice enough to go to the playground with my son. The sun was shining and the snow has melted. What a better feeling than just going outside and getting some fresh air? As I saw my son swinging, I decided to join him. It was so exhilarating! I started swinging as high as I could and looking at the sky above. What an amazing feeling.

I recommend this to all of you dear readers. No matter how old you are it is a wonderful feeling to feel like a kid again.

Just tilt your head back and keep swinging your legs.. next thing you know you are swinging higher and higher you feel you are almost flying..

While I was swinging and looking up at the sky, I was dreaming of far away warm places. One of them of course being my beloved Greece. I need to go there again and now I have more reason to since a dear childhood friend has her own business which I will definitely use and tell all my friends, family and colleagues..

Eye on Greece is a boutique travel agency which specializes in offering the “real” Greece to travellers who are interested in a personalized, nature oriented vacation experience to Greece. Anna is a native Greek and has extensive travel experience. I know where I will be booking my next trip!!

Until then...keep smiling!

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